Saturday, June 9, 2012

billionaire cat house with Castles and Chateau

 A suitable castle for a very wealthy feline
No rich kitty cat wants to live like a cockroach and why should they when their master has money up the ass? To be polite let's just say the master or mistress has money up the booty. That just sounds better.  Your cat wants this so you should get it right away. (I make it simple to understand)

 Подходящий замок для очень богатых кошачьих

Не богатый кот котенок хочет жить, как таракан, и зачем они, когда их хозяин есть деньги в задницу? Быть вежливым давайте просто скажем, хозяин или хозяйка есть деньги на добычу. Это только звучит лучше. Ваша кошка хочет, так что вы должны получить его прямо сейчас. (Я делаю это просто понять)

The above is simply a detail showing the quality available for the picky cat of the millionaire or billionaire. Your cat house won't look like this at all or maybe just a bit like this...

 Выше, просто подробно показывает качество для придирчивых кошка миллионера или миллиардера. Ваша кошка дом не будет выглядеть так вообще или, может быть, немного, как это ...

 A contented cat, owner of a cat castle made by California sculptor, Farrell Hamann

Some big Wall Street types buy a cat palace and somehow it winds up being used as a kid's dollhouse. Most cats usually go along with this and sometimes even allow a dog to pretend it is a doghouse palace. Cats are easily distracted. 
Below: huge smoke ring generator, cool.

 Довольный кот, владелец кошки замок скульптора Калифорнии, Фаррелл Hamann

Некоторые крупные Wall Street типа купить кота дворец и как-то он завершает используется как кукольный домик для детей. Большинство кошек обычно идут вместе с этим и иногда даже позволяет собаке делать вид, что это собачья будка дворца. Кошки очень легко отвлекаются.

Like a lot of details carved into your pet's home? No problem. Here is a good example of carved details.
 Как много деталей резного в дом вашего питомца? Без проблем. Вот хороший пример того, резные детали.

The above cat, Creamy prefers something ultra modern. His idea of the idea cat house (or doghouse, he's dog friendly) it the modern structure behind him with a nice blanket thrown over the top. The blanket is easily washed so it keeps down the dust.

Want to buy one of these wonder, world class pieces, contact artist/sculptor Farrell Hamann at the email below:
 Над кошкой, сливочный предпочитает что-то ультрасовременное. Его идея домашняя кошка идея (или немилости, он собака дружественных) это современное здание за ним с хорошим одеяло бросил сверху.Одеяло легко моется, что позволяет сохранять до пыли.

Хотите купить одну из этих удивительно, части мирового класса, свяжитесь художник / скульптор Фаррелл Hamann на адрес электронной почты ниже:

Buy pays shipping, tax, insurance, and any and all fees or charges.

I made the above tiny just to be funny! it says: Buy pays shipping, tax, insurance, and any and all fees or charges. 

 Я сделал над крошечной просто смешно! он говорит: Продам оплачивает доставку, налоги, страхование, а также любые сборы или сборы.

Farrell Hamann Fine Art, Sacramento, California

Hand woven vicuna pet blanket with paw prints for the insanely rich pet. Yes, it is covered with crumbs! 
 Рука ткани животных викуньи одеяло с отпечатками лап для безумно богатых домашних животных. Да, она покрыта крошкой!

How to make Toast (cook) Yes, even you can do this without burning every single hair off your body. 
 Как сделать тост (повар), используя современный электрический тостер. Да, даже можно овладеть этим мастерством! Не кладите вилку там, люди, которых вы только могли бы сжечь ваши волосы на лобке!

Urns and indoor monuments (click on link below)
 В случае вашей смерти (надеюсь, вы этого не сделаете), вы не должны полностью исчезнуть в пустоте. Вы можете выходить в стиле класс мире урна или крытый памятника. Некоторые из них произведения изобразительного искусства искусства достаточно велика.

A private art museum in Northern California you can drive right up to... really cool sculpture. Bring dogs and kids, smoke a cigar. Hard time getting in and out of your car? no problem. Farrell Hamann Fine Art. California's newest and coolest art museum. See the palace, castles, chateau, huge spheres, and giant flower. By appointment, please call: 1-916-641-7696 Event planners would like to know about this... perfect place for the jaded CEO. Nice meetup location
"Unique Collection" The J. Paul Getty Museum 

If you're nice, you can pet the pug dogs

Celestial Cat and Pug Art Gallery and Sculpture Museum 

 24/7 Frog

The Great Blue Frog Plays with Marbles

Rush Limbaugh sends a "Hit Snake" to eat The Great Blue Frog

Above: Please Stand By, an old time television notice that the station was experiencing a problem. 

Spooky Greeters at Walmart. Video, 3 minutes flat!

Above pic:
I need to know, Doctor, will radioactive fish meal harm my kittens?
(Same question for GMOs)

Critter collection in front of 25 room masterpiece castle. Now there are 8 critters completed and another on the way. Tell you billionaire pays, please. 

Tell the #FDA to save the bees from #Bayer #CropScience

 Help an artist/writer out! 

Part of my famous, much televised mosaic egg collection
"Unique collection" The J. Paul Getty Museum

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nordstrom at Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento

Who is the King of Nordstrom at Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento?  It's me. AKA the Exalted One (formerly Old Butthairs). I have a very top secret hideout there that you will never, ever find, even using bloodhounds. Incidentally, I'm also the true King of France and Holland and the inventor of 25kt gold. You can read more about me at but don't go there yet.

True King of France and Holland and the King of Nordstrom store in Arden Fair Mall, Sacramento, CA
If you are among the favored few, I may give you some Godiva Chocolates (My subjects are insanely nutty for Godiva. The put high fructose syrup in at least some of it, you wouldn't think they'd put that crap in there but they do. Shame. Правда короля Франции и Голландии, и король Nordstrom магазин в Arden Fair Mall, Sacramento, CA
Если вы находитесь среди немногих избранных, я могу дать вам несколько конфет Godiva (Мой предметы безумно вкусный для Godiva. Положить высокий сироп, по крайней мере некоторые из них, вы не думаете, что они бы сказал, что дерьмо там они dobut. Позор

Contains High Fructose Corn Syrup
Mostly, when I'm at Arden Fair and not lurking in my secret hideout, I'm trying to spot secret agents of The Church of Bad! They're all over the place, like rats and not nice rats at that (the rat generally is a noble beast).  When I spot someone from The Church of Bad, I chase them around with a Q-Tip dipped in brown mustard, that neutralizes them pretty darn good and installs motivation for a career change on their brain.

The other best way to deal with agents of the Church of Bad is to sneak up and sprinkle them with pubic hair. That always freaks them out! Pubic hairs are in short supply around here.

Below: Ellen with giant smoke ring clip, very cool! (was here)

Get it today!

Cool items only available at my ZAZZLE STORE

 OK, I'm back, had to take my best of show (before I got her) pug dog: Chuckawookapookatookawakatakatoo, out for a walk. You can just call her Mia. She, of course, is a raw meat dog. I won't even mention the other pug, guy gets on my nerves, everyday clawing me for raw meat with his tiger like claws. 

Chuckawookapookatookawakatakatoo the famous champion pug dog. Don't get her mad, she will turn into something like the ghost black dog of Peel Castle on the Isle of Mann.
 Chuckawookapookatookawakatakatoo der berühmte Meister Mops Hund. Lassen Sie sich nicht sie verrückt, sie wird zu etwas wie der Geist schwarzer Hund von Peel Castle auf der Isle of Mann verwandeln.

Below: 2 ft smoke ring generator, shooting smoke rings at trees and kid

My lovely Star Vase. Subjects puts cool stuff in it for their beloved King and I usually thank them by rubbing their buttocks. If not rubbing their buttocks, I have my personal valet use the ingenious "Hamann Butt Lift" on them which is very popular. The valet grabs the butt, lifts it, taking up most of it's weight, and floats the person around the room.  Utterly relaxing!!

Got stuff to do, back latter. King Farrell (@farrellhamann on twitter, YouTube channel: farrellhamann
Кэти Перри "ню" бабочка костюм! (Katy Perry's "nude" butterfly costume, a must see!)
ペリーの "ヌード"蝶の衣装をケイティ!

I made my subjects stare at this picture of the huge dude holding the super-huge olive. I don't know why. I'm the King so I don't have to have a reason. The subjects got restless after 3 hours so I fined them all 30 brass washers, our monetary unit.  

Please note: if you see a wiener dog in every piece of toast, you may have wienerdogitis. There are two main causes: 1 is listening to idiot Ed Crane on Crane's Corner in KFBK propaganda radio, Sacramento, the other cause is over use of high fructose corn syrup. (which can make you 
 Here's Ed Crane of KFBK shit radio

 America's hottest dude
 Amerikas heißeste Kerl
미국의 멋진 남자
মার্কিন হটেস্ট লোক
 Amerikas heißeste Kerl
 Ameryki najgorętszym facetem
 Le plus chaud de l'Amérique gars
 الرجل الأكثر سخونة في أميركا

The Roseville Galleria is wealthier than Arden Fair Mall but the girls are much, much cuter at Arden Fair Mall.  Just wanted to let you know.  

 Market Square is a little mall stuck on the East end of Arden Fair. I'm going to tell you about that but first have to do some research. Don't use the restrooms in the basement.... ever and don't send a kid down there without a switchblade knife.  This is no joke.

Note: shirt tucked into underwear for photographic purposes only. Wearing my best pair of boxers!!  No need to explain the sidearm, I hope.

 Gold plated potato chip that Rush Limbaughzbub's housekeeper shook out of his pants. Limbaugh is a member of the Church of Bad so I have to keep an eye on him. The sad fact is that Rush Limbaugh (Limbaughzbub is actually a turd eating alien from the planet Crap. 

 Above is the Royal Drink of the King of Nordstrom's at Arden Fair Mall. (Can't buy this anywhere) 

My study in the Royal Palace
This is the Bieber section
Above: Rare Justin Bieber pic. (From his secret album: "Eat me, I'm a Twink!"
 Вверху: Редкие Джастин Бибер рис. (Из его тайну альбома: "Съешь меня, я красавчик!"

Main staple in the Justin Bieber diet, little pink and white mГлавный продукт в рационе Джастин Бибер, розовый и белый зефир и закуски сырые куриные желудки.arshmallow snacks and raw chicken gizzards. 
 Hauptnahrungsmittel in der Justin Bieber Ernährung, wenig rosa und weiße Marshmallows Snacks und rohem Hühnerfleisch Muskelmagen.
 জাস্টিন Bieber খাওয়াদাওয়া, কম গোলাপী এবং সাদা marshmallow খাবার এবং কাঁচা মুরগীর gizzards প্রধান প্রধানতম.

Ah, tasty raw gizzards just the way Bieber loves em!

Токсичные убийцы робота ошибки из космического пространства
Problemas assassino tóxicos robô do Espaço Sideral
Toxiques Bugs robot tueur from Outer Space
GiТftige Killer Robot Bugs fra verdensrommet
 Toksyczne Bugs Robot zabójcy z kosmosu
  Bugs toxice Killer Robot din spaţiul cosmic
 विषाक्त बाह्य अंतरिक्ष से खूनी रोबोट कीड़े
 외계에서 온 독성 킬러 로봇 버그
 Toksiskas Killer Robotu Bugs no kosmosa
 Bugs Robot Pembunuh toksik dari Angkasa Lepas
 Bugs robot Tocsaineach Killer ón Spás Amuigh
 বিষাক্ত মহাকাশ থেকে ইসলাম রোবট বাগ
 Eitrað Killer Robot Bugs úr geimnum
 Tóxicos errores del robot asesino desde el espacio

سمية البق الروبوت القاتل من الفضاء الخارجي

 Heh, gold is not a problem.... just a tad of my secret horde of gold nuggets from my little hideaway in the Sierra Nevada. Don't try following me, I don't use a trail and I just might double back behind you and roll a boulder down on your head.  This is gold of very high purity, Leprechaun grade.  The Mercury dime and the Indian head nickel are for scale.  I got me a whole pot of these and there is plenty more for the grabbing.  

Heh, ist Gold kein Problem .... nur ein bisschen von meinem Geheimnis Horde von Gold-Nuggets aus meinem kleinen Versteck in der Sierra Nevada. Versuchen Sie nicht, mir zu folgen, weiß ich nicht verwenden, eine Spur, und ich könnte einfach verdoppeln Rücken hinter sich und rollen einen Stein nach unten auf den Kopf. Das ist Gold von sehr hoher Reinheit, Leprechaun Klasse. Die Mercury Dime und das indische Kopf Nickel sind für die Skala. Ich habe mir eine ganze Kanne davon und es gibt viel mehr für das Grabbing

 Хех, золото это не проблема .... чуть-чуть моего тайного орда золотых самородков от моего маленького убежища в горах Сьерра-Невада. Не пытайтесь за мной, я не использую след, и я как раз может удвоиться позади вас и катить камень вниз головой. Это золото очень высокой чистоты, Лепрекон класса.Центов Меркурия и индийский никель головы для масштаба. Я меня весь банк данных, и есть еще много для захвата.

Forums: Worse car you have ever owned, worse boat you're ever owned. Mainly a boat site.

 Cell Phone Tower
(I've got to watch it here because if I say any more, they will try to have me killed. I wouldn't die easy, heh heh, I'm prepared, I'm like the thing in the movie Alien "You don't dare kill it!" It is said that the Army Corp of Engineers works on these and way too much juice goes into them and the cell antenna are too long. Haarp? Death frequency? See the bird on the very top. That's no bird, that's a drone! The drone on the cell tower knows the bird below, I've been watching them and recording their every move... Secret: If you get real close and are wearing a copper ring, Justin Bieber's cell phone calls will transmit directly into your brain!

See? Here's proof right here of the cell tower plot!  Damn bird started pulling out my hair! I'd hate to have those talons wrapped around my throat. 

 Setting up in my large metal shed. 

By appointment: 916-641-7696 Want to see people from Marin County and Granite Bay also.
Bring the kids and dog. OK to smoke your cigar! 

Flush away Grover Norquist and his infernal no new taxes pledge

The Great Blue Frog as Art Critic

The Great Blue Frog and his Boiled Cabbage

The Great Blue Frog and the Snake 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sacred Rubble

Sacred Rubble
If you see a big: Boo Hoo Hoo click on it. (but not this one)

 Artist, Farrell Hamann, of Sacramento, CA. Hiding "stuff" behind palm frond (In the nearly naked category)

 Precious the cat.

 Famous mosaic eggs by California artist/writer, Farrell Hamann
"Unique collection" The J. Paul Getty Museum

Zzyzx (click on me) 
Farrell Hamann Fine Art/Writing, Sacramento, California 
See the famous "Castle Collection"

Art Club and Museum. Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, Granite Bay, Loomis, Auburn, Cameron Park, Davis, Arden Oaks, Sierra Oaks, Fair Oaks, Eldorado Hills, Tahoe, Reno, Marin, Bay Area
Phone: 916-641-7696

 I think Donald Trump uses this stuff on his head! 

Big Spiral Sculpture on giant glowing sphere

Gargoyle Vase

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Boo Hoo Hoo 竹 禅, わびさび

Above: First play song number 3, @farrellhamann
I'm not crying here, just needed something fast.  Coconut Bra was taken.
 Ich weine nicht hier, musste nur etwas schnell. Kokosnuss BH aufgenommen wurde.
 Бюстгальтер имя кокосовое принято не было. Не плакать здесь. Мы смеялись. Ха-ха!
그냥 뭐 좀 빨리 필요, 여기에 우는 아니에요. 코코넛 브래지어가 찍은 거예요.대나무 남부 캘리포니아에서 성장

Lovely Bamboo growing in California 
 Schöne Bambus wächst in Kalifornien

아름다운 대나무 캘리포니아에서 성장

Someone's dream car, an old T-Bird.  My sister had one exactly like this back in the day.
 Jemand der Traum Auto, einen alten T-Bird. Meine Schwester hatte ein genau so wieder in den Tag.
누군가의 꿈 , 늙은 티 - 버드. 내 동생 (옛날) 하루 다시 똑같이 하나했다

Tractor tires are always interesting and appealing.  Lot of them here.  I once had a Kubota tractor, loved that thing!
 Traktor-Reifen sind immer interessant und ansprechend. Viele von ihnen hier. Ich hatte einmal einen Traktor Kubota, liebte das Ding! 

트랙터 타이어 항상 흥미롭고 매력적입니다. 여기가 없네. 한 번, 구보타 트랙터 있다고 사랑!
You can never have too many old tires.  They do accumulate rainwater and create a place for mosquitoes to breed so you have to be careful with them.  A gigantic pile of old tires caught fire in the central valley of California and took forever to extinguish.  Thick black smoke everywhere.
 Man kann nie zu viele alte Reifen. Sie wissen akkumulieren Regenwasser und schaffen einen Ort für Mücken zu züchten, man muss also mit ihnen vorsichtig sein. Ein riesiger Stapel alter Reifen fing Feuer in der Central Valley in Kalifornien und hat ewig gedauert, zu löschen. Dichter, schwarzer Rauch überall.
당신은 너무 많은 낡은 타이어 가질 수 없어. 그들 빗물 축적하고 당신 그들 조심해야 있으니 모기가 번식을위한 장소 만들 수 있습니다. 낡은 타이어 거대한 더미 캘리포니아 센트럴 밸리 화재가났다 고만하고 소화 영원히했다. 사방에 두꺼운 검은 연기.

Nice old beat up BBQ (barbecue) People always trying to give these away in the USA.  Where is the propane tank?
 Schöne alte Beat-up BBQ (Barbecue) Die Menschen haben immer versucht, diese zu verschenken in den USA. Wo ist der Gastank?
바베큐 (바비큐) 사람까지 멋진 늙은 비트 항상 떨어져 미국의 주려고. 어디 프로판 탱크 무엇입니까?

Here is another BBQ grill.  It has seen better days
 Hier ist eine andere BBQ-Grill. Es hat schon bessere Tage gesehen
여기에 다른 바베큐 그릴입니다. 그것은 더 나은

Stack of firewood.  Ah, how cute!  Nothing like firewood.  You can take these and build "log end cabins or houses"  Very attractive.  Thank you tree (s)
 Stapel von Brennholz. Ach, wie süß! Nichts wie Brennholz. Sie können diese und bauen "log Ende Hütten oder Häuser" sehr attraktiv. Vielen Dank Baum (e)
장작 스택. , 얼마나 귀여워! 장작처럼 아무것도. 당신은 이것을 취할 수 빌드하고 매우 매력적인 "최종 통나무집이나 집을 로그. " 당신에게 나무 (들)을 주셔서 감사합니다

More firewood.  Split and neatly stacked up.  Can use these for the stacked wood homes also.
Wife with eyes blue like the Ellensburg agate likes this pic the best. 
 Mehr Brennholz. Split und fein säuberlich aufgeschichtet. Können diese für den gestapelten Holz Häuser auch zu nutzen.
Frau mit Augen blau wie der Achat Ellensburg likes this pic is the best.

더 많은 장작. 분할하고 깔끔하게 했답니다. 또한 스택 목재 주택에 대해이 사용할 수 있습니다.
아내가 눈을 Ellensburg 마노 같은 청색 최고의 그림 좋아해요.

A nice looking horse.  Very handsome critter (animal)
 Eine gut aussehende Pferd. Sehr schöne critter (Tier)
좋은 찾고 . 미남 동물 (동물)

A fine looking California horse waiting for you to bring it a carrot.  Spent hours as a kid pulling up grass for corralled horses.  I could give the horses the grass just out of reach!
 In dem schönen Kalifornien Pferd wartet auf Sie mitbringen, um es eine Karotte. Stundenlang wie ein Kind Hochziehen Gras für Pferde eingepfercht. Ich könnte die Pferde das Gras knapp außer Reichweite!
당신에게 당근 데려 오길 기다리고 캘리포니아 말을 찾고 괜찮아요. 어릴 때 시간 corralled 말을 위해 잔디 취하. 그냥 밖으로 도달 말을에게 잔디 수 있어요!
Someone wants this friendly tree cut down.  It is probably gone by now.  This tree will "live" forever now on the internet.  Maybe I should give it a name.  How about "Beauty Tree"?
Mandibles Mitt Romney would not save this tree! 
 Jemand möchte dieses freundliche Baum abgeholzt. Wahrscheinlich wird es von jetzt weg. Dieser Baum wird "live" Für immer jetzt im Internet. Vielleicht sollte ich ihm einen Namen geben. Wie wäre es mit "Beauty Tree"?
누군가 친절한 나무 아래로 잘라 싶어. 그것은 아마 지금 쯤이면 이미 사라지고있다. 이 나무 인터넷에서 이제 영원히 "라이브"것입니다. 아마도 내가 이름을 제공해야합니다. 어때요 "뷰티 트리"?

Seseorang ingin pokok ini ramah ditebang. Hal ini mungkin sudah pergi sekarang. Pohon ini akan "hidup" selamanya sekarang di internet. Mungkin aku harus memberikan nama. Bagaimana tentang "Kecantikan Tree"?

I had this aluminum, tandem axle trailer custom built to haul my tractor.  It has a diamond plate deck and stainless steel fenders.  It was the coolest flatbed trailer in Santa Barbara, CA
 Ich hatte dieses Aluminium-, Tandem-Achs-Anhänger custom built meinen Traktor zu schleppen. Es hat eine Diamant-Platte Deck und Edelstahl Fender. Es war die coolste Tieflader in Santa Barbara, CA
알루미늄, 내 트랙터 운반을 구축 탠덤 차축 트레일러 정의했다. 그것 다이아몬드 데크 스테인레스 스틸 fenders 있습니다. 그것 산타 바바라, 캘리포니아에서 최고로 멋진 평판 트레일러되었습니다

Saya punya aluminium, tandem axle Trailer tersuai dibina untuk mengangkut traktor saya. Memiliki dek berlian pinggan dan fender stainless steel. Itu adalah flatbed trailer paling keren di Santa Barbara dan Montecito, CA

White Cadillac

Hop up on the examination table, I'll check you out.  HAHA
Would you prefer a pelvic or anal today?  Or both!!! HAHAHA
This could be a weapon in the GOP's evil war on women.  Must be kept out of enemy hands. 
 Springen auf dem Untersuchungstisch, werde ich überprüfen Sie heraus. HAHA
Möchten Sie lieber eine Becken-oder analen heute? Oder beides! HAHAHA
Dies könnte eine Waffe im Krieg der bösen GOP auf Frauen zu sein. Darf nicht in die Hände des Feindes gehalten werden.

시험 테이블. . 당신 골반이나 항문 원하나? 하하, 재미!

Hop di atas meja pemeriksaan, saya akan menyemak anda. HAHA

Adakah anda lebih memilih pemeriksaan pinggul atau dubur ujian hari ini? Atau kedua-duanya! HAHAHA Saya harus pergi mendapatkan sarung tangan getah saya sekarang.

A wealthy person is giving away this nice swing set.  It even has a rope ladder.
 Ein reicher Mensch ist verlosen dieses schöne Schaukel. Es hat sogar eine Strickleiter.
부유한 사람 좋은 스윙 세트를 멀리주는 것입니다. 그것 밧줄 사다리하고 있습니다.

My very large mosaic covered vase/urn.  "Respite for Phoenix"  I worked on this piece for months!!
 Meine sehr großen Mosaik bedeckt Vase / Urne. "Atempause für Phoenix" arbeitete ich an diesem Stück für Monate!
매우 모자이크 덮여 화병 / 항아리. "유예 피닉스"나는 몇 달 동안 조각에서 일한!

Daughter brought this sweet but crazy little dog over for a visit.  She was babysitting it.  She was getting ready to bark at my cats.  Her name is Betty.
 Tochter brachte diesen süßen kleinen Hund verrückt, aber mehr als für einen Besuch. Sie war es Babysitten. Sie war immer bereit, auf meine Katzen bellen. Ihr Name ist Betty.
딸이 방문 이상 다정하지만 약간 미친 개를 가져왔습니다. 그녀 그것 봐주고 있었거든요. 그녀는 고양이 나무 껍질이 준비되었습니다. 그녀의 이름 베티입니다.
We waited six years for these 2 Bower Vine flowers. Six long years.  It is growing up our hibiscus.
우리는 연주자 덩굴 6 년을 기다렸습니다. 6 년 동안이나. 그것 우리의 히비스커스 성장하고있다.

A picture of my Twitter Avatar ( @farrellhamann )
You can find my videos on my youtube channel: farrellhamann
Farrell means: "Man of valor"
트위터 아바타 사진 (@ farrellhamann)
당신은 YouTube 채널 동영상을 찾을 수 있습니다 : farrellhamann
패럴 : "용기 사나이"

Our living room in Sacramento, California
새크라멘토, 캘리포니아에서 우리 거실

Inverted image of my: Bitey Cats, Candles, and Cupcakes image.
거꾸로 이미지 : Bitey 고양이, 양초, 그리고 컵케이크 이미지.
My internet TV comedy series at youtube (my channel: farrellhamann) #Funny and short.  
YouTube에 인터넷 TV 코메디 시리즈 ( 채널 : farrellhamann) # 재밌고 짧은.

The Montecito Cheese Rat.  The favored pet of the millionaires and billionaires of the wealthy enclave of Montecito, California  (near Santa Barbara)  Montecito cheese rats wear yellow diamonds and feast on Pinconning cheese.  My 25 room palace is just the thing for a spoiled cheese rat. (see my art tours on youtube)  Also have a cool Chateau on a rock.
몬테시 토 치즈 . 백만 장자 몬테시 토, 캘리포니아 부자 영토 (산타 바바라 근처) 몬테시 토에 치즈 쥐를 억만 장자 혜택을 받고있는 애완 동물 치즈 Pinconning 노란색 다이아몬드 잔치 착용. 25 객실 궁전 철부지 치즈 위한 입니다. 또한 바위 멋진 샤또 (YouTube에 나의 예술 투어 참조).
Church of the Blue Moon/Moonbeams on your Naked Booty
 By The Exulted One (formerly Old Butthairs) Founder of the Church
  Kirche des Blue Moon / Moonbeams auf Ihrer Naked Booty
  By The frohlockte One (ehemals Old Butthairs) Stifter der Kirche

By artist/writer: Farrell Hamann
: 당신의 알몸 엉덩이 블루 / Moonbeams 교회
패럴 의원님 : 예술가 / 작가

Rubble. Plain old rubble. No pots of gold or silver or magic beans. 

: 파편. 평범한 구식 파편, 금색 또는 은색 또는 마법의 없음 냄비.
Grilled Cheese, burnt to Hell and back but I scraped off the char and ate it. 
 Gegrillter Käse, verbrannte die Hölle und zurück, aber ich kratzte den char und aß es.
구운 치즈, 지옥 불에 타 다시지만 샤의 긁어 냈어요 그것 먹었다.

Farmdale: a happy little farm with horses, chickens, and ducks. This is a bit dark. Grandma and Grandpa are evil and try to work the poor city kids to death.

: Farmdale : 마리, 닭, 오리, 그리고 낡은 트랙터 행복한 작은 농장. 이 이야기 약간 어두운이다. 할머니 할아버지 악한 죽음 가난한 도시의 아이들을 작업하려고합니다.If you are looking to buy my million dollar USD art collection, click here (email) "Unique collection" The J. Paul Getty Museum

: 당신 여기를 클릭, 내 백만 달러 미화 예술품을 구입하고자하는 경우 () (이메일) "고유 컬렉션"제이 게티 박물관

My ship has come in!!!!  Some guy I met needed cash quick and sold me this incredibly valuable Babe Ruth HOMER lime green softball.   La la la la la.... heh heh, what an idiot.  This thing could be worth a fortune.  Hahahahahahaha, funny.  Now it is mine, all mine.  haha!  Maybe I can get me a Ferrari, something like that!  La la la la la la la  YES!!  This thing is in perfect shape.  Accepting offers right now.
 Mein Schiff wurde in kommen!! Irgendein Kerl traf ich benötigte Geld schnell und verkaufte mir das unschätzbar wertvolle Babe Ruth HOMER lindgrün Softball. La la la la la .... heh heh, was für ein Idiot. Das Ding könnte ein Vermögen wert sein. Hahahahahahaha, lustig. Jetzt ist es an mir, ganz meinerseits. haha! Vielleicht kann ich mich ein Ferrari, so etwas! La la la la la la la JA! Dieses Ding ist in perfekter Form. Akzeptieren bietet jetzt.
함선왔다!! 어떤 남자 가서 현금 빨리 필요 만난 매우 가치있는 베이브 루스 호머 라임 그린 소프트볼 팔았어요. .... , 난 정말 바보야. 이건 돈을 가치가있을 수 있습니다. Hahahahahahaha, 웃기 네요. 지금 광산, 내 전부입니다. 하하! 어쩌면 내가 나한테 그런 페라리, 뭔가를 얻을 수 있습니다! 좋아! 이건 완벽한 모양입니다. 수락 지금 제공합니다

 Waiting with Daughter at Arco Arena in Sacramento, California to hi-5 the Sacramento Kings basketball team down on the court.  They also fed us, we met the CEO of KLOUT (I have a high KLOUT score) and had a little Q&A with one of the team players.   We were guest of KLOUT and the Sacramento Kings.  Box seats, Naturally my daughter was featured on TV and the big screen in the arena and payed a visit by the cool team mascot.  Where I go with my daughter, we always get free deserts.  Haha.  Thank you Maloof family and KLOUT
 Warten mit Tochter bei Arco Arena in Sacramento, Kalifornien, um Hallo-5 die Sacramento Kings Basketball-Team unten auf dem Platz. Sie haben auch uns gefüttert, trafen wir den CEO von Klout (Ich habe eine hohe Punktzahl Klout) und hatte ein kleines Q & A mit einem der Teamplayer. Wir waren zu Gast bei Klout und die Sacramento Kings. Box Sitze, natürlich meine Tochter wurde im Fernsehen und die große Leinwand in der Arena vorgestellt und auch bezahlt einen Besuch durch den kühlen Team-Maskottchen. Wo ich mit meiner Tochter zu gehen, wir bekommen immer frei Wüsten. Haha. Vielen Dank Maloof Familie und Klout
아래로 코트에서 하이 5 새크라멘토 아크 아레나, 캘리포니아에서 딸과 함께 새크라멘토 킹스 농구 대기. 그들은 또한 우리 KLOUT의 CEO 만난 우리 먹이 ( KLOUT 높은 점수 가지고) 선수 중 하나 약간의 Q & A를했다. 우리 KLOUT 새크라멘토 킹스 손님이 있었다. 박스 , 당연히 딸은 TV 경기장에서 대형 스크린 추천되었고 멋진 마스코트 방문 payed. 딸과 같이 가자 어디로, 우리는 항상 무료로 사막 받으세요. 하하. 당신 Maloof 가족 KLOUT 감사합니다

Stunningly beautiful daughter's beauty tutorials on youtube. (her youtube channel is: IKHMELEON) Artistry, cosmetics, tips, makeovers. Expert/professional

예쁜 아름다움, 메이크업, 미용 도움말 YouTube에서 튜토리얼.

 For Professional, expert beauty tips and tutorials, please visit my daughter, Kate's, channel on youtube: IKHAMELEON  Makeup artistry, cosmetics, makeovers, supplies, and more.

Pour les professionnels, d'experts conseils de beauté et des tutoriels, s'il vous plaît visiter ma fille, Kate, le canal sur YouTube: Maquillage artistique IKHAMELEON, cosmétiques, du maquillage, de fournitures, et plus encore.

Untuk Profesional, tips kecantikan ahli dan tutorial, sila lawati puteriku, Kate, saluran di youtube: IKHAMELEON kesenian Makeup, kosmetik, makeover, persediaan, dan banyak lagi.



Для специалистов, экспертов советы по красоте и учебные материалы, пожалуйста, посетите мою дочь,, Кейт канал на YouTube: IKHAMELEON макияжа артистизм, косметика, перфекционизма, аксессуары и многое другое.

لموظفي الفئة الفنية، نصائح الجمال الخبراء والدروس، يرجى زيارة ابنتي، كيت، قناة على يوتيوب : IKHAMELEON الفنيةماكياج، ومستحضرات التجميل، التجميل، والمستلزمات، وأكثر من ذلك .

Para profesionales, consejos de expertos de belleza y tutoriales, por favor, visitar a mi hija, Kate, canal en youtube: arte IKHAMELEON maquillaje, cosméticos, maquillaje, material, y mucho más.

IKHAMELEON श्रृंगार कलात्मकता, सौंदर्य प्रसाधन, makeovers, आपूर्ति, और अधिक: व्यावसायिक के लिए, विशेषज्ञ सुंदरता सुझावों और tutorials के, मेरी बेटी है, केट, यूट्यूब पर चैनल पर जाएँ.

IKHAMELEON 메이크업 예술성, 화장품, makeovers, 공급, 그리고 : 프로 전문 뷰티 자습서, 내 , 케이트, YouTube에 채널 방문하시기 바랍니다.

Für professionelle, kompetente Beauty-Tipps und Tutorials, besuchen Sie bitte meine Tochter, Kate, Kanal auf YouTube: IKHAMELEON Makeup Artistik, Kosmetik, Umarbeitungen, Zubehör und vieles mehr.

Professionale per consigli di bellezza di esperti e tutorial, si prega di visitare mia figlia, Kate, il canale su youtube: IKHAMELEON arte trucco, cosmetici, estetici, forniture e altro ancora.

Para profissionais, dicas de especialistas de beleza e cursos, visite a minha filha, Kate, canal no youtube: IKHAMELEON artístico de maquiagem, cosméticos, maquiagem, suprimentos e muito mais.

Đối với các chuyên nghiệp, chuyên gia về thủ thuật làm đẹp hướng dẫn, xin vui lòng truy cập vào con gái tôi, Kate, kênh trên youtube: IKHAMELEON nghệ thuật trang điểm, mỹ phẩm, Thay đổi vẻ ngoài, vật tư, và nhiều hơn nữa.

Pro profesionální, tipy odborníků krása a návody, navštivte mé dcery, Kate, kanál na YouTube: IKHAMELEON Makeup umění, kosmetika, Makeovers, zásoby, a další.

My "new" vintage boombox (ghetto blaster) radio.  A JVC 2 band cassette recorder, model: 
JVC RC-232 JW.  This radio can plug in or use batteries.  Has a great sound and works perfectly.  Collectors go crazy for these old boomboxes. 
 Meine "neue" Vintage-Ghettoblaster (Ghetto Blaster) Radio. Ein JVC 2-Band-Kassetten-Recorder, Modell:
JVC RC-232 JW. Dieses Radio kann das Einstecken oder Batterien verwenden. Hat einen tollen Sound und funktioniert perfekt. Sammler verrückt für diesen alten Ghettoblaster.

내 "새로운 "빈티지 boombox (빈민굴 블래스터) 라디오. 제이 브이 씨 밴드 카세트 레코더, 모델 :
JVC의 RC - 232 JW. 이 라디오에서 플러그하거나 배터리를 사용합니다. 소리하고 완벽하게 작동합니다. 수집 늙은 boomboxes 미쳐 이동합니다.

بلدي "الجديدة" boombox خمر (مكبر غيتو) الراديو. شريط كاسيت مسجل جيه الفرقة 2، نموذج :

جيه جي دبليو روتردام - 232. هذا يمكن سد العجز في الراديو أو استخدام البطاريات. لديه صوت رائع ويعمل تماما. جامعي بالجنون لهذه boomboxes القديمة.

Mi "nuevo" vintage ", de la vieja escuela" de radio estéreo portátil. También conocido como: ghetto blaster. Colectores amor estas radios y este es de verdad. Funciona perfectamente. Es un JVC RC-232 JW

drove me crazy, now must go to THE LAND OF THE ZULU for mental health care. Nice over there, take bus, dust off Psychiatrist
 # GOP hat mich wahnsinnig gemacht, jetzt muss der LAND DER Zulu für psychische Gesundheit zu gehen. Schön, da drüben, nehmen Sie den Bus, Staub von Psychiater
# 美 공화당 (공화당) 지금 정신 건강 치료에 대한 줄루 땅을 가야한다, 미친 혔습니다. 정신과에서 버스, 먼지 받아, 저기 니스
528 HZ sound "DNA Repair" No music via youtube 

528 Hz에서 소리 "DNA를 복구"배경 음악도없고. 를 통해 YouTube에. (치유의 소리)
Fox News:
Glenn Beck, Sie sind ein Arschloch!
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Below: 18 second preview or trailer for short super spy series. Intercepted Video Transmissions/ Source Unknown.  Agent/asset Elmer/Basel is a mind-controlled dupe of an intelligence agency.  We are not sure which agency. Possibly the CIA, NSA, MI6, or DIA.  Elmer has psychic powers but is somewhat clueless.  They have dognapped his beloved pug dog, Mugsie in order to better control him. The preview shows Elmer/Basel being subjected to the torture sphere device of Dr. Greenbalm You can also watch this and art videos at youtube channel: farrellhamann  YOUTUBE
(you can also follow on Twitter @farrellhamann)
 Unten: 18 Sekunden Vorschau oder Anhänger für kurze Super-Spion-Serie. Abgefangen Videoübertragung / Quelle unbekannt. Agent / Asset-Elmer / Basel ist ein Gedanken-kontrollierten dupe eines Geheimdienstes. Wir sind nicht sicher, welche Agentur. Möglicherweise ist die CIA, NSA, MI6 oder DIA. Elmer verfügt über übersinnliche Kräfte, sondern ist etwas ratlos. Sie haben seinen geliebten Mops, Mugsie dognapped, um ihn besser zu kontrollieren. Die Vorschau zeigt Elmer / Basel auf die Folter Sphäre Gerät von Dr. Greenbalm unterworfen. Sie können sich auch diese art und Videos bei YouTube Channel: farrellhamann YOUTUBE

(Sie können auch auf Twitter folgen @ farrellhamann)

Below: art studio of California sculptor, Farrell Hamann

Check out my profile!

Celtic Cross 

Catering truck in Sacramento, California. Also known as a "Roach Coach) I saw no cockroaches and food looked OK. This one was parked on Power Inn Road and I got the owner's permission to take this photo. 

Catering vrachtwagen in Sacramento, Californië. Ook bekend als een "Roach Coach) Ik zag geen kakkerlakken en voedsel keek op OK.

Catering lori di Sacramento, California. Park berhampiran Power Inn Road. Ini kadang-kadang disebut: "Roach Pelatih" tapi aku tidak melihat kecoak dan makanan yang tampak bagus.

Питание грузовика в Сакраменто, штат Калифорния. Также известна как "Роуч тренер) я не видел тараканов и пищевой посмотрел ОК.
California poppies and blackberry flowers. Taken April 3d along the American River Parkway in Sacramento, California. This is one of the best bike trails in the United States when it's not too hot. It is possible to see a mountain lion (cougar) or coyote here, right in the city.  Some consider the local scrub jay (bird) the smartest bird in the world. There is also a uniquely colored magpie bird with a yellow beak.
 Kalifornien Mohn und BlackBerry Blumen. Taken April 3d entlang des American River Parkway in Sacramento, Kalifornien. Dies ist einer der besten Radwege in den Vereinigten Staaten, wenn es nicht zu heiß ist. Es ist möglich, einen Berglöwen (Puma) oder Kojote hier zu sehen, mitten in der Stadt. Einige betrachten die lokale Scrub Jay (Vogel) das intelligenteste Vogel der Welt. Es gibt auch eine einzigartig farbigen Elster Vogel mit einem gelben Schnabel.

Spring meadow along the American River Parkway bike path in Sacramento, California USA

Cork oak bark ARP (American River Parkway, Sacto, CA

Mia the champion black female pug dog. She was a best in show dog before we got her.  She is really a sweet critter and getting happier every day. We feed her a mainly raw meat diet. This is one of her happy faces (when she puckers up her lips. Taken at Country Club Plaza in Sacramento, California. (special note: yes, Mia is the Moddey Dhoo of Peel Castle. Currently she is haunting my Palace here in Sacramento, California, teleporting her fearsome self back to the Isle of Mann when necessary) "Be afraid, be very afraid"
미아 챔피언 흑인 여성 발바리의 일종 . 우리는 그녀 도착하기 전에 그녀 개가 최고되었습니다. 그녀는 정말 착한 녀석이고 매일 행복 받고. 우리는 그녀에게 주로 생고기 다이어트 먹이를주지. 이것은 그녀가 입술 puckers 그녀의 행복한 얼굴의 하나 (수 있습니다. 새크라멘토, 캘리포니아 컨트리 클럽 플라자에서 찍은.
Mia anjing pug juara hitam perempuan. Dia adalah seorang terbaik di anjing menunjukkan sebelum kita mendapatkannya. Dia benar-benar merupakan makhluk manis dan mendapatkan lebih bahagia setiap hari. Kami memberinya makan diet daging terutama mentah. Ini adalah salah satu wajah senang (ketika dia puckers Facebook bibirnya. Diambil di Country Club Plaza di Sacramento, California.

Above: Frozen dog meat for the pugs.  They get a lot of raw meat in their diet.  They're doing very well.  I don't put it in a dish, I toss it to them and they always catch it.  Only time they miss is if I don't throw it well. 

I'm now available as a consultant in Mall Rehabilitation.  Time to wake up your dead, declining, or mind numbingly dull mall or shopping center.  I can do more than consult, I have turn key items already to spice things up.  Personally, I'd like a huge walk in freezer so people could go in there, sit on blocks of ice and eat ice cream. That would be a huge hit for sure.  
 Oben: Gefrorenes Fleisch für die Hunde Möpse. Sie bekommen eine Menge von rohem Fleisch in ihrer Nahrung. Sie sind sehr gut. Ich glaube nicht, steckte es in eine Schüssel, ich werfe es ihnen und sie immer fangen. Nur die Zeit ist sie vermissen, wenn ich nicht werfen tun es auch.

Ich bin jetzt auch als Berater in Mall Rehabilitation. Zeit aufzuwachen Ihre Toten, rückläufig ist, oder Geist betäubend langweilig Mall oder Einkaufszentrum. Ich kann mehr als konsultieren tun, habe ich bereits wichtige Elemente drehen, um sie etwas aufzupeppen. Persönlich würde Ich mag einen riesigen begehbaren Gefrierschrank, damit die Leute da reingehen konnte, sitzen auf Eisblöcken und Eis essen. Das wäre ein großer Hit für Sie sicher sein.
Lion Tower, Old Tower, Chateau on Rock, Gold Monument. In the Sacramento art studio of artist, Farrell Hamann. This is the kind of thing a billionaire would get for a Richie Rich kind of kid. Museum quality, fine art toys and sculpture. 
 Lion Tower, Alte Turm, Chateau on Rock-, Gold-Monument. Im Sacramento Art Studio des Künstlers, Farrell Hamann. Dies ist die Art von Dingen ein Milliardär für eine Richie Rich Art von Kind bekommen würde. Museum Qualität, Fine Art Spielzeug und Skulptur.

الذهب النصب، برج الأسد، شاتو على صخرة، البرج القديم. تحصيل للمليونير أو ملياردير الكمال. يمكنك الناس في الإمارات العربية المتحدة والعربية السعودية تريد أن يكون لها نظرة. هناك جولات الفن (وكذلك كوميديا​​) على قناة يوتيوب بلدي : farrellhamann يرجى زيارة.
 Artist/writer, Farrell Hamann driving Creampuff the Jaguar (Ah yes, this sounds so pretentious)You can follow me on twitter @farrellhamann  don't forget to look at my youtube videos. (update: sold Creampuff and driving loaner car for now. Free car for 3 months not a bad deal!  When I lived in Paris, some mystery person loaned us (French GF and I) a little Citroen 2cv for the entire time I was there. Helps to have cool, radical Prof. for dad sometimes)
 Künstler / Publizist, Farrell Hamann Fahren Creampuff der Jaguar (Ach ja, das klingt so prätentiös) Sie mir auf Twitter @ farrellhamann folgen können vergessen Sie nicht, bei meinem YouTube-Videos schauen. (Update:.! verkauft Creampuff und Fahren Leihgerät Auto für Auto jetzt kostenlos für 3 Monate kein schlechtes Geschäft, wenn ich in Paris lebte, verliehen einige Rätsel Person uns (GF Französisch und ich) einen kleinen Citroen 2cv für die gesamte Zeit war ich dort . Hilft kühlen, radikale Prof. für Papa haben manchmal)

Naked Barbie dolls stacked like cord wood.
Used up by the creeps of the GOP and discarded? Newt? Trump?
 Naked Barbie-Puppen wie Schnur Holz gestapelt.
Von den Monstern aus der GOP benutzt und weggeworfen? Newt? Trump?
The world would be a better place if Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney (MandiblesMitt) and Santorum all wrapped their peckers in aluminum foil and ran out into an electrical storm.
 Die Welt wäre ein besserer Ort, wenn Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney (MandiblesMitt) und Santorum alle eingewickelt ihre Spechte in Alufolie und rannte hinaus in eines Gewitters.

Uh, why is a second hand store in Sacramento, California (Goodwill) selling Ballot Boxes? Anyone out there to explain this? Now I have to investigate. Bummer.
All ballots in the United States of America need to be hand counted. Votes need to be hand counted, Nothing else is acceptable.
 Äh, warum ist ein Second Hand Shop in Sacramento, Kalifornien (Goodwill) zu verkaufen Ballot Boxes? Jemand da draußen zu erklären? Jetzt muss ich zu untersuchen. Bummer.

Alle Stimmzettel in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika müssen Hand abzählen. Abstimmungen müssen Hand abzählen, ist nichts anderes akzeptabel.

Remember Tower Records (a landmark in Sacramento)? The big sign was preserved. It was probably in Tower Books on Watt Ave. before being hauled into the nearby Goodwill store.

The story of Bo Dogly (click on PDF file under pic of me)

لك الناس غرامة من دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة والمملكة العربية السعودية. أريدك أن تعرف أن مجموعة الأعمال الفنية الشهيرة للفنان ولاية كاليفورنيا ، فاريل هامان ومتاح. كما أن هذه المجموعة الضخمة والقلاع والقصور والفسيفساء، والنحت كبير وتناشد جميع الأعمار. يمكن أنشأت كمتحف، ناد لكبار الشخصيات، أو منطقة جذب سياحي. يمكنك ان ترى عدة جولات فن الفيديو على قناة يوتيوب : farrellhamann (وكذلك الحيوانات الأليفة لطيف، ولعب اطفال والكوميديا ​​المقترحة سعر الطلب هو 1 1 / 2 مليون دولار شكرا لك "مجموعة فريدة" ومتحف جون بول غيتي.

Periwinkle flower blossom in spring (My cat, Creamy) hangs out deep in the periwinkle patch.
Lone live the Montecito Cheese Rat!! 

The Huge old Camphor Tree located in midtown Sacramento,CA (AKA, The Grid)  Big!
Local woman in front of gigantic camphor tree 
The tree is directly in front of the Java City Coffee House in at the corner of 18th and Capitol
Harley Davidson motorcycles of my all girl biker escort security patrol. 
The hottest women in California and the Pacific coast. Yum!
Don't mess with these girls, armed and dangerous. My personal bike is a Vincent Black Shadow.
 Harley Davidson Motorräder meiner Mädchen aller Biker-Eskorte Sicherheit Patrouille. Die heißesten Frauen in Kalifornien und der Pazifik-Küste. Yum!
Nicht mit diesen Mädchen, bewaffnet und gefährlich durcheinander bringen. Mein persönliches Bike ist eine Vincent Black Shadow.

Emerging artist/writer (larva) Farrell Hamann
Note: I'm going to start selling my flat marble toy spiral via the net very soon (hand held for kids older that 4 1/2 due to choking hazard) Don't have any made up yet but will soon. Each one will be different. Don't have pay pal so you'll have to pay by money order or silver, perhaps personal check until and if I get Paypal. Have some other ideas in the works for gifts and what nots. I'm thinking I need an inexpensive line of art and that's what's motivating me.  These toys would make great Christmas or birthday gifts or just to have around as sculpture.

Below: Latex mold for making spiral marble toys, I've made a number of these and they are great toys and help with hand eye. The finished marble spiral will be approximately 12 1/2 inches across. For Price, I thinking $32 shipped in USA or $55 for two. You can always arrange to pick up in person in Sacramento and see my huge art collection (giant spheres, obelisks, castles, chateau, paintings, wall hangings, large marble toys)

Latex rubber mold artist made for casting spiral marble toy

My email

I decided to accept writing assignments. So, let me know what your needs are.

My phone in Sacramento, CA: 916-641-7696  
 My new art museum is now open by appointment, bring the dog, you can drive right up. Event planners will want to bring bored CEO's.
My Pre- Christian era Cross sculpture. The Cross was used long before it was adopted by Christians.  Pre-Christian Crosses
 Meine vorchristlicher Zeit Kreuz-Skulptur. Das Kreuz wurde, lange bevor es von den Christen übernommen wurde. Pre-Christian Crosses
My new art museum is now open for visitors by appointment. Call: 916-641-7696 Bring the dog! Event Planners will want to bring bored CEO's

I woke up like this, OK? so don't get any big ideas! Get back!!
What wedding dress?
 Ich wachte auf davon, OK? so erhalte keine große Ideen! Holen Sie sich zurück!
Was Hochzeitskleid?

King Farrell. Top American senior underwear model (not butt shots please) Inventor of 25k gold and true King of France and Holland. The Monetary unit in his Kingdom is the brass washer and the stolen hubcap. Read about how the Clueless old King found his Queen
 König Farrell. Top amerikanischen Senior-Unterwäsche-Model (nicht stumpf Schüsse bitte) Erfinder des 25k Gold und wahren König von Frankreich und Holland. Die Währungseinheit in seinem Königreich ist der Messing-Scheibe und der gestohlene Radkappe. Lesen Sie, wie die Clueless alte König seine Königin gefunden
Chrome Skull (oooh, watch out) The skull is guarding the money below. Not a lot of money but it is mine.
Chrome Skull (oooh, watch out) der Schädel, bewacht das Geld unten. Nicht viel Geld, aber es ist meins.
It was mine until Creamy the Cat showed up. To get my money back from the cat, I had to get clawed up!  My neighbor saw Creamy under the sofa and said: "Oh, there's the sneaky one!"
 Es war mir cremig rühren die Katze auftauchte. Um mein Geld zurück bekommen von der Katze, musste ich bis Krallenfrosch werden! Mein Nachbar sah Creamy unter dem Sofa und sagte: "Oh, da ist das ein hinterhältig"

Below: @farrellhamann by Old Ivory